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Alteryx is committed to attracting and retaining top quality employees. We are proud to offer competitive benefits globally that enhance your financial security and well-being and add significantly to your total compensation.

February 21-25, 2022
There will be a company-wide shutdown week starting Monday, February 21, 2022. This is a week we will all take off across the company and across the globe as a way by which to give us all time and space to recharge.

United Kingdom

2022 Public Holidays

United Kingdom
Date Day Holiday
January 3 Monday New Year’s Day (in lieu)
April 15 Friday Good Friday
April 18 Monday Easter Monday
May 2 Monday Early May Bank Holiday
May 6 Friday Mental Health Awareness Observed
June 2 Thursday Spring Bank Holiday
June 3 Friday Platinum Jubilee
August 29 Monday Summer Bank Holiday
October 10 Monday World Mental Health Day Observed
December 26 Monday Boxing Day
December 27 Friday Christmas Day (in lieu)

Holidays falling on a Saturday are observed the Friday before. Holidays falling on a Sunday are observed the following Monday.

Eligibility and Enrollment

Private Medical and Dental Insurance is available to all full-time and part-time employees in beginning their date of hire. Actual enrollment effective date is subject to receipt of enrollment information and insurer processing. Eligible dependents are: spouses, partners and child(ren) 24 years of age or younger for dental and 21 years of age or younger for medical. Enrollment into the plan is not automatic, new hires wishing to participate must enroll within 30 days of joining.

Below is a summary of the benefits offered.

Plan Feature Benefits
Workplace Pension Employees are auto-enrolled (at 3% basic salary) into the pension scheme beginning the 1st of the month following date of hire. Alteryx will contribute 6% of basic salary when the employee contributes at least 3%. Contributions may be made in form of Salary Sacrifice, should the employee choose to opt-in.
Private Medical
(Plan Number: 51396635)

Designed to complement the NHS by covering the cost of private treatment of non-emergency, acute conditions. Alteryx pays 100% of the premium for you and your enrolled dependents.

Vitality Member Hub: Register to access your benefits and to unlock perks and discounts. Your will need your member number to register, this number will be emailed to you at enrollment time, to inquire, please email benefits@alteryx.com.

Private Dental

Provides coverage in routine examinations, minor and major procedures as well as ortho treatment. Alteryx pays 100% of the premium for you and your enrolled dependents.

Bupa Dental Portal: you will need your Bupa member number to submit claims. Your member number will be emailed to you at enrollment time, to inquire, please call: 0800 237 7777.

Vision Reimbursement Optical benefits is not covered under our Vitality healthcare plan. In place, Alteryx provides a £100 allowance towards eye examination and/or materials, including lenses and frames. Reimbursement is eligible once every 12 months and glasses/lenses need to be for VDU use.
Group Life Insurance The benefit provides a lump sum payment to your dependents or nominated person(s) in the event of your death. The benefit is 4x your Basic Annual Salary, Free Cover Limit: £1,250,000. Alteryx pays 100% of the premium.
Group Income Protection Benefit designed to protect your income in the event of you being absent from work, due to illness, for a continuous period in excess of 13 weeks. The benefit is 75% of Basic Annual Salary until you reach pension age. Alteryx pays 100% of the premium.

New Hires/Joiners

New hires must enroll within the first 30 days of employment. Your enrollment task will be made available in Workday and may be found in your inbox as an actionable item pending completion.

Adding & Removing Dependents

If you experience a life event such as marriage, divorce or birth/adoption of child, you may add/remove dependents from your plan within 30 days of the event date. Changes are submitted in Workday, please go to the “benefits” application/module and “change benefits” to begin.

Cost of Coverage

Alteryx pays 100% of the premium for you and your dependent(s); however, the employee is responsible for the tax liability on medical and dental benefits paid for by Alteryx. Payroll will deduct taxes directly from your pay on a monthly basis, please reference table below:

Medical Monthly Cost to Employer Monthly Tax to Employee (20%) Monthly Tax to Employee (40%) Monthly Tax to Employee (45%)
Single £65.28 £13.06 £26.11 £29.38
Couple £130.56 £26.11 £52.22 £58.75
Parent w/child(ren) £97.92 £19.58 £39.17 £44.06
Family £163.20 £32.64 £65.28 £73.44
Single £19.40 £3.88 £7.76 £8.73
Couple £38.80 £7.76 £15.52 £17.46
Parent w/child(ren) £38.80 £7.76 £15.52 £17.46
Family £58.20 £11.64 £23.28 £26.19

Scottish Widows – Pension Scheme Provider

Register to your personal account at: https://personal.secure.scottishwidows.co.uk/login to review your contributions, manage your personal details and see the value of your pension pot. Please allow at least 30 days from hire to have access to your account.

Don’t want to participate? Opt-Out Form

Additional Perks

Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP) Eligible employees may participate in the Employee Stock Purchase Plan, employees may join on a semi-annual schedule, August 15 and February 15. Acceptable contribution percentages range from 1%-15% of base salary. Stock is purchased on the employees behalf on August 14 and February 14. Participants receive a 15% discount on the lower of the closing price on the Offering Date and the closing price on the Purchase Date. Consider working with a professional tax advisor on the best financial strategies for your personal situation.

Contribution changes are made through your Solium account. During an Offering Period, you may only decrease your contribution rate once for such Offering Period. You may either decrease or increase your contribution rate for the next Offering Period during the enrollment window prior to the beginning of such Offering Period. You may not increase your contribution rate during any Offering Period. For contribution changes to take effect by a certain pay date, you must make the change at least 7 business days prior to that pay date.

You may withdraw from the program during any Offering Period. Withdrawals must be made at least 2 business days prior to the end of an Offering Period. Accumulated payroll deductions will be returned on the next payroll. Re-enrollment into the plan must be done at least 7 business days prior to the beginning of an Offering Period. You may reduce your contributions to 0% during an Offering Period without withdrawing from the Offering. Your contributions to that date will be used to purchase shares on the Purchase Date. To participate in the Plan for the next Offering Period, you must re-enroll by increasing your contribution rate during the enrollment window prior to the beginning of such Offering Period.

Fertility Care & Family Planning Eligible Alteryx employees have access to employer-sponsored funds which can be used towards fertility treatments and family planning services. Alteryx’s inclusive program is designed to support every unique parenthood journey and covers fertility education and assessments, fertility preservation, in vitro fertilization, surrogacy, adoption and more. Participants also have access to virtual chats with physicians and other specialists, an expert-authored library of educational resources, and access to a dedicated Care Team.

Claim your benefit by visiting our Benefits Intranet Page to get started today!

Tuition Reimbursement Program Alteryx invests in your education and career development. Eligible employees may receive up to 3,600 GBP annually for qualified expenses in a pre-approved course of study from an accredited university. Please send your request directly to HR at benefits@alteryx.com.

Wellness Reimbursement Alteryx supports your healthy choices by providing reimbursements for gym memberships, registration fees, etc. The Company will reimburse 18 GBP per month up to 216 GBP annually. Reimbursements are direct-deposited annually in the month of December.

Season Ticket Loan Alteryx will pay the advance cost of the season ticket, on the understanding that you will repay the total cost over the next year. The Company will deduct payments from your salary for the next 12 months until the total cost of the loan is repaid. This will be deducted directly from your salary each month. If you leave the Company for any reason before the loan is repaid, then the outstanding amount will be deducted from your final salary. Requests forms must be submitted to the benefits team benefits@alteryx.com.

Bike2Work Scheme Alteryx is promoting healthier journeys by introducing the Bike2Work Scheme. Bike2Work is an approved scheme provider of the Governments Green Transport Plan which aims to reduce environmental pollution, promote healthier lifestyles, and make cycling to work cost-effective by offering big tax savings on bikes and cycling equipment.

Alteryx will purchase the bicycle, including e-bikes, and cycling equipment, on behalf of the associate. The Company will recoup the cost through 12 monthly deductions via a salary sacrifice. Please follow the 6 easy steps in the participant guide. Alteryx PIN: B2W/84111

Paid Annual Leave Regular full-time employees earn paid annual leave equal to (25) days per year OR (200) hours per year and (30) days per year OR (240) hours per year for 5+ years of seniority. Balances are front-loaded January 1st, (5) days per year will rollover OR (40) hours per year will rollover, but must be used by March 31st or will be forfeited. New hires receive a pro-rated amount based on their month of hire. Balances will be prorated for mid-year departure upon payout.

Volunteer Time Off (VTO) Regular full-time and part-time employees are eligible for up to (20) hours of paid leave per year.

Sick Time Off Regular full-time and part-time employees on date of hire are eligible for sick time off up to (4) days per event.

Jury Service Regular full-time and part-time employees are eligible for (5) days per event.

Bereavement Regular full-time and part-time employees are eligible for up to (5) days per event.

Contact Information

For Assistance with Contact Email
Enrollments (Joiners & changes) Kristen MacPhail Kirsten.macphail@sjpp.co.uk
General Queries Anna Napier
Michelle Lane
Escalations & Feedback Benefits Team benefits@alteryx.com

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