The VSP vision plan offers coverage for you and your covered dependents for routine eye exams, frames, lenses, or contacts. Additional discounts and savings may be available for sunglasses, lens options, and laser vision correction. You can choose to visit any provider; however, you will save money when you visit an in-network provider. Find an in-network provider at

Plan Features VSP Vision Plan
VSP Choice Network Out-of-Network
You pay: Plan reimburses you:
Exam every calendar year $10 copay Up to $45
Frames every calendar year $25 copay
$130 allowance
Up to $70
Lenses every calendar year
Single Vision
Covered in full after $25 prescription glasses copay
Up to $30
Bifocal Up to $50
Trifocal Up to $65
Lenticular Up to $50
Contact Lenses
(in lieu of lenses and frames) every calendar year
Up to $60 copay $130 allowance Up to $105

See the benefit summaries for detailed information.