Ready. Set. Headspace.

Headspace is your personal guide to mindfulness, sleep, focus, movement, and so much more! From waking up to exercising, eating to sleeping, Headspace has 1,000+ hours of exercises to help you live your whole day mindfully — not just when you’re sitting to meditate. These exercises are rooted in 2,000 years of authentic expertise, and backed by proven research from their in-house Science Team and leading research institutions.

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Stressful situations are an everyday part of life. Headspace can help you better respond to and reduce stress in as little as 10 days! Here’s how to get started.

  1. Eligibility begins on your date of hire.
  2. Full-time, part-time and intern employees are eligible to participate.
  3. Visit our Wellness Hub for more Headspace details and to register.

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