Commuter Plan

The commuter benefits program allows employees who commute to and from work to set aside pre-tax funds to pay for work-related transit and parking expenses. Eligible expenses for the commuter benefit include transit passes, fare cards, ticket books, and vanpool expenses.

You may deduct pre-tax money from your paycheck to pay for commute-related expenses which can help reduce your taxable income. The maximum monthly contribution for mass transit expenses is $280, and an additional $280 per month for parking at your transit or carpool pick up location.

You can make changes anytime during the year in Workday.

Commuter Questions?

Questions when enrolled: 1-866-451-3399
Questions before you enroll: 1-844-561-1337
Email a question:
Submit a form:
Live chat: go to, hover over Solutions and select Participants/Employees.

See the benefit summaries for detailed information.